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How To Fix Install dependencies Unsupported template dependency Error In Eclipse

If you are using the latest version of eclipse there is a chance to receive this error "Unsupported template dependency: Upgrade your Android Eclipse plugin SDK Tools v22".It is due to some bugs in the tools folder.

In windows 8 windows 7 and vista

Download this file
Extract the compressed file and rename it into tools
Goto your sdk folder ( c:\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130729\sdk )and replace tools folder with the uncompressed folder
Restart eclipse

In linux / Ubuntu

Do the same with this file

In Mac / Macosx

Do the same with this file

How To Change the Full Text Minimum Word Length in MySQL

By default Full-text mysql index minimum length is 4.If you are searching for a 3 or below lengthy word it will be ignored.We can force MySql to search small keywords.We can set mysql full-text index minimum length to 3 or 2.
First you need to access to SSH command prompt to change settings of mysql server, You can use putty software to access SSH from windows.
Login to your server via SSH
If you don't have nano text editor install it.
type the following commands and press enter

cd ..
cd etc
nano mysql.cnf

If you cant find such a file type cd mysql and press enter now you can use nano mysql.cnf.

Add the following line under the [mysqld] section

 ft_min_word_len = 3

Now reboot your server - You may use the command reboot

Now login to PHPMYADMIN

Repair your table... Now you are able to search 3 character lengthy keywords

How to Store A Array In MySQL Database Using PHP

By default mysql doesn't support arrays,Using a simple trick we can store arrays in mysql databases.

Solution 1 :

$data = array('element 1','element 2','element 3','element 4');
$insdata = mysql_escape_string(serialize($data));

Now you can store $insdata as a string in mysql database,When you retrieve data you can use the following code to convert the string to array.

$data = unserialize($row['column']);

Solution 2 :

$data =  array('element 1','element 2','element 3','element 4');
$insdata = implode(",", $data);
$data = explode(",", $row['column']);

How to Fix FTP Not Working Problem In Kloxo

In my previous post i explained how you can create FTP user account in kloxo.If you are not able to access your FTP account In kloxo control panel , Follow these steps  to enable ftp.
Operating system - Centos
Control panel - Kloxo
Protocol - FTP

Execute the following code as one by one in your Terminal

yum downgrade pure-ftpd
yum -y update

Now you can access your ftp accounts without any problem.

How To Setup FTP User Account in Kloxo Control Panel

I am going to explain how you can create a FTP user account in kloxo control panel software.
First Login into your control panel.

Under Domain, click on Ftp Users

Click on Add FTP User

Enter required information's such as Username,Password and virtual directory (optional)

Now the ftp user is created successfully.You are able to access via ftp using the user name and password.

Free Control Panel Softwares To Manage Virtual Private Server

When we purchase un managed VPS we need to install a control panel software in our system.If we are choosing a managed VPS we don't need to worry about installing control panel software.By default VPS provider will install some Control panel software in our VPS.Here I am going to share Cpanel alternative control panel scripts.

Open Panel 
Open panel is a free and open source user friendly control panel software which can be used as an alternative to cpanel script.It is mainly designed for developers.Its multiple layers of management allow the admin and all users to efficiently run their services.

Kloxo - Demo

Kloxo is an effient web hosting platform which is free and open source.Using kloxo you can manage all domains from a single page.It can backup and restore easily.It support ticket reservation feature which help administrator to respond to customer's complaints.

Webmin  - Demo

Webmin is a control panel interface for system administration for Linux based servers. Using webmin you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing etc.


EHCP is a open source free tool in a server to facilate the process of hosting domains, emails, adding domains, ftp users etc.

How To Backup Google Chrome Saved Passwords

Import and Export Saved Passwords In Google Chrome
First open My computer
Then open the local disk where windows operating system is located usually it is C:\ drive
If you are using windows XP follow this path , open explorer - Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
If it is windows 7 or above - Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default


Now search for the file "Login Data"

This file contains your saved passwords. You can backup this file for further use.


Delete the file "Login Data"
Copy the backup file "Login Data" and paste here.

How To Find And Recover Missing Hard Drive Space In Windows 8 & Windows 7

When we upgrade our windows os to Windows 7 or Windows 8 there is a chance for missing some hard disk space ( Local disk ) in my computer.To find and restore missing hard disk space follow these steps.

First press windows key + R

Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter

Now right click on Unallocated space and select New Simple Volume

Click Next on appearing wizard

Enter the size in MB and click Next

Select drive letter and proceed to next step

Format drive if you need to erase the contents

Now click on Finish button

Now you can find the missing drive in My computer

How To Fix gcswf32.dll has stopped working Error

How to fix the error  "gcswf32.dll has stopped working" Windows can check online for a solution to the program.
Goto chrome://plugins/
Click on Details

Disable the built in flash player and install the latest version of adobe flash player.

Download latest version of flash player - Here

Cusat 3rd Semester Special Supplementary Exam July 2013 New Time Table

Exam 11/712013 is postponded

Engineering Mathematics III2002
Engineering Mathematics II2006
302IT/CS/EC/ME/EB/E!Electrical Technology2002
302IT/EC/M E/EB/EIElectrical Technology2006
302CSLogic Design2006
302CESurveying I2002
Wednesday03.07.2013302CESurveying I2006
302SEManufacturing Processes2002
302SEChemical Engineering I2006
302EEStrength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics2002
302EEFluid Mechanics and Heat Engines II2006
302FTPhysical Chemistry2006
Friday05.07 2013303IT/CSDiscrete Mathematical Structures2002
303IT/CSDiscrete Computational Structures2006
303ECNetwork Theory2002
303EC/ElNetwork Theory2006
303CE/SEStrength of Materials2002
303CE/EEStrength of Materials2006
9.30 am - 1.30 pm
Machine Drawing2002
Friday05.07.2013303MEMechanics of Solids2006
303SEFluid Mechanics and Fluid Flow Machines2006
303EBLife Science2002
303EBPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology2006
303El/EENetwork Analysis2002
303FTOrganic Chemistry2006
304ITElectronic Circuits and Logic Design2002
304IT/CSObject Oriented Programming2006
304CS/EB/EC/EI/EEDigital Electronics2002
304EC/EB/EIDigital Electronics2006
304CEConcrete Technology2002
Tuesday09.07.2013304CEConcrete Technology2006
304MEMechanics of Solids2002
304MEFluid Mechanics2006
304SEChemical Engineering I2002
304SEManufacturing Process2006
Tuesday09.07.2013304EEElectric Circuit Theory2006
305ITObject Oriented Programming2002
305ITElectronic Circuits and Logic Design2006
305CSElectronic Circuits2002
305. CSPrinciples of Programming Languages2006
305EC/EB/EI/EESolid State Electronics& Circuits2002
305EC/ElSolid State Electronics2006
Thursday11 07.2013305CEHabitat Engineering2002
305CEFluid Mechanics I2006
305ME/SEFluid Mechanics & Machinery2002
305MEMetallurgy & Material Science2006
305SEElements of Machine Drawing2006
305EBMedical Physics2006
305EEElectrical Measurements & Measurinq Instruments2006
305FTFood Chemistry and Nutrition2006
306ITComputer Organisation2006
306CS/EB/EEElectronic Devices & Circuits2006
Monday15.07.2013306EC/ElElectronic Circuits I2006
306CEEngineering Materials & Building Construction2006
3069.30 a m -1.30 p.mMachine Drawing2006

Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop Driver Softwares Free Download For Windows 7 | 32 bit and 64 bit

Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop Driver Softwares

Windows 7 - 32 Bit
Cirrus Logic HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Intel Graphics Driver - Download
nVIDIA Graphics Driver - Download

Windows 7 - 64 Bit
Cirrus Logic HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Intel Graphics Driver - Download
nVIDIA Graphics Driver - Download

DELL Inspiron 14 ( 3421 ) Laptop Driver Softwares For Windows 7 64 Bit | Windows 32 Bit And Windows 8

Here i am going to share the driver softwares of Dell inspiron 14 model laptop.These drivers are really essential.

  Windows 8

Realtek HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Dell Wi-Fi Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download

Windows 7

Realtek HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Dell Wi-Fi Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download

How To Fix "su: Authentication failure" In ubuntu

This the error when we try to enter to SUper user account of ubuntu.

rahul@rahul-desktop:~/Desktop$ su
su: Authentication failure

This error can be fixed by enable root user in Ubuntu.Follow these steps to enable super user.

Login as Administrator
Open terminal ( Short cut - Alt + Ctrl + T )
type sudo passwd root and press enter
[sudo] password for rahul: Enter Sudo Password
Enter new UNIX password: Enter Root user Password
Retype new UNIX password: Confirm Root user Password

Now you will be notified "passwd: password updated successfully".Now you are able to use SU in terminal.

Wikipedia Like Content Management System Scripts In PHP

Wikipedia is the largest free encyclopedia available in internet. If you are interested to run a similar website check out these PHP scripts.

MediaWiki  - Demo - Download

MediaWiki is a  open source wikipedia like script written in PHP with MYSQL .It is same as wikipedia with same functions and look.It is completely free for use and modify. Mediawiki is capable to manage large number  of users and contents.

File sie - 66 MB
Requirements - PHP & Mysql

DokuWiki - Demo - Download

DokuWiki is a free and open source wikipedia like script that doesn't need a database.It don't have complicated installation steps it is also easy to maintain .Dokuwiki supports more than 50 languages.You can install more plugins and extensions in Docuwiki for better performance.

File size - 10 MB

Pmwiki - Demo - Download

Pmwiki is a tiny php script,Pmwiki run like normal websites but the only diffrerence is it have a Edit link which help us to modify existing content.The page editing can be allowed for registered members,admins only or public.

File size - 2Mb

Free Open Source Image Gallery PHP Scripts

Here is a collection of best opensource image gallery scripts created using PHP and MYSQL.You can easily modify these scripts.

Piwigo  - Demo - Download

Piwigo is a photo gallery php script which comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures.You can upload images using FTP client applications such as filezilla or directly from administrator panel.Optionally you can add tags to your albums.There is a privacy control for your images such as Administrator only,Administrator,Family,Friends and Everybody. Piwigo supports hundreds of extensions and plugins.

  • Slideshow
  • Better SEO and Metadata
  • Spam filter
  • Multiple upload
Coppermine - Demo - Download

Coppermine is a  fully featured and integrated picture gallery script written in PHP and GD. Coppermine also offers private ublic privacy for image galleries.Coppermine supports different types of plugins and extensions.Coppermine generate high quality thumbnails for uploaded images.

  • Multimedia support
  • Arrange images in Albums and Catergories
  • High quality thumbnails 
  • Random images
  • Comment system
  • Multiple upload
    Zenphoto - Demo - Download
    Zenphoto  is  a standalone CMS  ( Content Management System) for multimedia focused websites.Zenphoto supports different themes and extensions.In Zenphoto we can assign users with different permissions.The image galleries can be protected with a password.It supports different languages and multimedia files including videos.

    • Supports jpg, gif, png, mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, fla, flv, mov, 3gp extensions
    • User groups
    • RSS
    • Drang n Drop page sorting
    • Wordpress like script

    Plogger  - Demo - Download

    Plogger is an open source photo gallery system written in PHP.It is perfectly SEO optimized script.We can create image galleries from zipped file.

    • Create image gallery directly from zip file
    • Custom 404 pages
    • Perfectly SEO optimized
    • Support extensions and plugins
    • Descriptions for images
    Shutter - Demo  - Download

    Shutter help store and share your photos in an unlimited number of albums with ease of control.Shutter is tiny and simple.You can set album covers easily.

    • Multiple upload and progress bar
    • Tiny
    • RSS
    • Drag n Drop albums
    • Slideshow
    • Comment system
    PHPAlbum  - Demo - Download

    phpAlbum is an Open Source software which allows you to create photo and album galleries.php album is a tiny script used to generate image galleries easily.


    • Password protected galleries
    • Comment system
    • Upload Zip files
    • No need of data base

    Free Phone Call Recording Apps For Android Devices

    Call Recorder
    Main Features

    * Easy to enable or disable call recording
    * Start and stop recording with a single button
    * Clear all recorded conversations
    * Lock saved  conversations

    Record My Call

    Main Features

    * Record both incoming and outgoing calls
    * Record from microphone only
    * All recorded files will be stored in SD card

    Supported phones

    Auto Call Recorder

    Main Features

    * Record any calls
    * Optional recording of phones calls from some specific numbers
    * Drop box integration
    * Wav,3gp,anr formats
    * Option to select audio source

    Automatic Call Recorder

    Main Features

    * Automatic recording of phone calls
    * mp3,mp4,3gp formats
    * Lock conversations with password
    * Share saved conversations via email and messenger apps

    Toshiba Portege Z930 Review Specifications And Price

    The family resemblance is very much present, since the Z930 is carrying forward almost all the design elements from the Z830. The magnesium alloy chassis lends a lot of strength to the overall design of the machine. But, port placement most of them are still behind the display is still an issue that cannot be overlooked. You will probably forgive that for the slimmer profile and the lightweight nature of the ultrabook though.

    Updated with Windows 8 and the third generation Intel Core-i processor, the Z930 does improve on the consistent performance of the Z830. The benchmark tests put it on almost the same level as the Fujitsu Lifebook U772. Battery life is good enough to get you through around 6 hours of a typical day at work, on a single charge. The best part about the Z930 is the crisp and non-reflective display. For those who spend a lot of time looking at the screen for various reasons, this is a huge boon.

     The keyboard is comfortable to use, but we would have preferred a little sharper response to every key press.But the price does make you wonder if it is worth this much. Honestly, it is pretty much like any ultrabook in this price range, with no real add-on that makes this stand out in the crowd. This is one of those run-of-the-mill designs that you see scattered about everywhere and can’t recall where you saw it. If you want something more formal, spending a little extra on the Lenovo X1 Carbon makes sense. Else, the Yoga 13, for all its flexibility, is a good option.


    Processor - Intel Core i5 3427U @ 1.8GHz
    RAM - 6GB
    Graphics - Intel HD 4000
    Display - 13.3-inch
    Storage - 128GB SSD
    Connectivity - 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, SD card slot
    OS - Windows 8 (64-bit)

    Price - $779
    Price In India - 96000

    Error While Installing Extension Pack Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension

    Result Code: 
    NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
    IExtPackManager {3295e6ce-b051-47b2-9514-2c588bfe7554}

    The above error can be avoided by command line installation :-


    VBoxManage extpack install --replace  <filename>

    VBoxManage extpack install --replace Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.26-84997.vbox-extpack

    Alcohol 120% Alternative Softwares For Windows

    DAEMON Tools
    >> Supported formats - mdx,mds,mdf,iso,b5t,b6t,bwt,ccd,cdi,bin,cue,ape,cue,flac,cue,nrg,isz
    >> Password protection
    >> Split disc images

    Virtual CloneDrive

    >> Virtual clone Drive supports all types of  disc images
    >> Maximum 8 Drives
    >> One click mounting

    Power ISO
    >> Support almost every disc image files
    >> Simple extraction
    >> Edit  ISO files


    >> Create RAM drives
    >> Tiny and supports almost every disc image files
    >> Simple

    Jolla Mobile Phone 4.5 inch Display Full Features And Price

    The first Jolla mobile is scheduled to release in the end of 2013.The jolla mobile is the first phone powered by  sailfish operating system.Sailfish is owned and developed by Jolla and Mer project.You can download sailfish OS sdk from their official website.Jolla mobiles are composed by the ex-nokians.The main features and pictures of jolla phones are listed below.

    Official website -
    Operating System - Sailfish
    Display - 4.5 inch
    Network - 4G
    Camera - 8 Mega Pixel with auto focus
    Memory - 16 GB + MicroSD

    Price - 399 Euro ( online buy)
    Price In India - Rupees 28547 

    How To Post Blocked URLs In Facebook

    Some urls are blocked in facebook for security reasons.When we try to post such urls in facebook it will return an error " Sorry this post contain blocked URL"

    How To Fix 

    Enter your target website and mask it
    Now you will get a new shortened address it can be easily shared in facebook without any errors.