How To Change the Full Text Minimum Word Length in MySQL

By default Full-text mysql index minimum length is 4.If you are searching for a 3 or below lengthy word it will be ignored.We can force MySql to search small keywords.We can set mysql full-text index minimum length to 3 or 2.
First you need to access to SSH command prompt to change settings of mysql server, You can use putty software to access SSH from windows.
Login to your server via SSH
If you don't have nano text editor install it.
type the following commands and press enter

cd ..
cd etc
nano mysql.cnf

If you cant find such a file type cd mysql and press enter now you can use nano mysql.cnf.

Add the following line under the [mysqld] section

 ft_min_word_len = 3

Now reboot your server - You may use the command reboot

Now login to PHPMYADMIN

Repair your table... Now you are able to search 3 character lengthy keywords

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