How To Find And Recover Missing Hard Drive Space In Windows 8 & Windows 7

When we upgrade our windows os to Windows 7 or Windows 8 there is a chance for missing some hard disk space ( Local disk ) in my computer.To find and restore missing hard disk space follow these steps.

First press windows key + R

Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter

Now right click on Unallocated space and select New Simple Volume

Click Next on appearing wizard

Enter the size in MB and click Next

Select drive letter and proceed to next step

Format drive if you need to erase the contents

Now click on Finish button

Now you can find the missing drive in My computer

How To Fix gcswf32.dll has stopped working Error

How to fix the error  "gcswf32.dll has stopped working" Windows can check online for a solution to the program.
Goto chrome://plugins/
Click on Details

Disable the built in flash player and install the latest version of adobe flash player.

Download latest version of flash player - Here

Cusat 3rd Semester Special Supplementary Exam July 2013 New Time Table

Exam 11/712013 is postponded

Engineering Mathematics III2002
Engineering Mathematics II2006
302IT/CS/EC/ME/EB/E!Electrical Technology2002
302IT/EC/M E/EB/EIElectrical Technology2006
302CSLogic Design2006
302CESurveying I2002
Wednesday03.07.2013302CESurveying I2006
302SEManufacturing Processes2002
302SEChemical Engineering I2006
302EEStrength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics2002
302EEFluid Mechanics and Heat Engines II2006
302FTPhysical Chemistry2006
Friday05.07 2013303IT/CSDiscrete Mathematical Structures2002
303IT/CSDiscrete Computational Structures2006
303ECNetwork Theory2002
303EC/ElNetwork Theory2006
303CE/SEStrength of Materials2002
303CE/EEStrength of Materials2006
9.30 am - 1.30 pm
Machine Drawing2002
Friday05.07.2013303MEMechanics of Solids2006
303SEFluid Mechanics and Fluid Flow Machines2006
303EBLife Science2002
303EBPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiology2006
303El/EENetwork Analysis2002
303FTOrganic Chemistry2006
304ITElectronic Circuits and Logic Design2002
304IT/CSObject Oriented Programming2006
304CS/EB/EC/EI/EEDigital Electronics2002
304EC/EB/EIDigital Electronics2006
304CEConcrete Technology2002
Tuesday09.07.2013304CEConcrete Technology2006
304MEMechanics of Solids2002
304MEFluid Mechanics2006
304SEChemical Engineering I2002
304SEManufacturing Process2006
Tuesday09.07.2013304EEElectric Circuit Theory2006
305ITObject Oriented Programming2002
305ITElectronic Circuits and Logic Design2006
305CSElectronic Circuits2002
305. CSPrinciples of Programming Languages2006
305EC/EB/EI/EESolid State Electronics& Circuits2002
305EC/ElSolid State Electronics2006
Thursday11 07.2013305CEHabitat Engineering2002
305CEFluid Mechanics I2006
305ME/SEFluid Mechanics & Machinery2002
305MEMetallurgy & Material Science2006
305SEElements of Machine Drawing2006
305EBMedical Physics2006
305EEElectrical Measurements & Measurinq Instruments2006
305FTFood Chemistry and Nutrition2006
306ITComputer Organisation2006
306CS/EB/EEElectronic Devices & Circuits2006
Monday15.07.2013306EC/ElElectronic Circuits I2006
306CEEngineering Materials & Building Construction2006
3069.30 a m -1.30 p.mMachine Drawing2006

Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop Driver Softwares Free Download For Windows 7 | 32 bit and 64 bit

Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop Driver Softwares

Windows 7 - 32 Bit
Cirrus Logic HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Intel Graphics Driver - Download
nVIDIA Graphics Driver - Download

Windows 7 - 64 Bit
Cirrus Logic HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Intel Graphics Driver - Download
nVIDIA Graphics Driver - Download

DELL Inspiron 14 ( 3421 ) Laptop Driver Softwares For Windows 7 64 Bit | Windows 32 Bit And Windows 8

Here i am going to share the driver softwares of Dell inspiron 14 model laptop.These drivers are really essential.

  Windows 8

Realtek HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Dell Wi-Fi Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download

Windows 7

Realtek HD Audio Driver - Download
Intel Chipset Driver - Download
Dell Wi-Fi Driver - Download
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver - Download
Dell WiFi + BT Driver - Download

How To Fix "su: Authentication failure" In ubuntu

This the error when we try to enter to SUper user account of ubuntu.

rahul@rahul-desktop:~/Desktop$ su
su: Authentication failure

This error can be fixed by enable root user in Ubuntu.Follow these steps to enable super user.

Login as Administrator
Open terminal ( Short cut - Alt + Ctrl + T )
type sudo passwd root and press enter
[sudo] password for rahul: Enter Sudo Password
Enter new UNIX password: Enter Root user Password
Retype new UNIX password: Confirm Root user Password

Now you will be notified "passwd: password updated successfully".Now you are able to use SU in terminal.