Free Control Panel Softwares To Manage Virtual Private Server

When we purchase un managed VPS we need to install a control panel software in our system.If we are choosing a managed VPS we don't need to worry about installing control panel software.By default VPS provider will install some Control panel software in our VPS.Here I am going to share Cpanel alternative control panel scripts.

Open Panel 
Open panel is a free and open source user friendly control panel software which can be used as an alternative to cpanel script.It is mainly designed for developers.Its multiple layers of management allow the admin and all users to efficiently run their services.

Kloxo - Demo

Kloxo is an effient web hosting platform which is free and open source.Using kloxo you can manage all domains from a single page.It can backup and restore easily.It support ticket reservation feature which help administrator to respond to customer's complaints.

Webmin  - Demo

Webmin is a control panel interface for system administration for Linux based servers. Using webmin you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing etc.


EHCP is a open source free tool in a server to facilate the process of hosting domains, emails, adding domains, ftp users etc.


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  2. Nice information about Cpanel software. is it gonna work on every version of win 7 , because i have the home premium version and doesn't have the same menus the shows in the screen-shots ??

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