Free Open Source Image Gallery PHP Scripts

Here is a collection of best opensource image gallery scripts created using PHP and MYSQL.You can easily modify these scripts.

Piwigo  - Demo - Download

Piwigo is a photo gallery php script which comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures.You can upload images using FTP client applications such as filezilla or directly from administrator panel.Optionally you can add tags to your albums.There is a privacy control for your images such as Administrator only,Administrator,Family,Friends and Everybody. Piwigo supports hundreds of extensions and plugins.

  • Slideshow
  • Better SEO and Metadata
  • Spam filter
  • Multiple upload
Coppermine - Demo - Download

Coppermine is a  fully featured and integrated picture gallery script written in PHP and GD. Coppermine also offers private ublic privacy for image galleries.Coppermine supports different types of plugins and extensions.Coppermine generate high quality thumbnails for uploaded images.

  • Multimedia support
  • Arrange images in Albums and Catergories
  • High quality thumbnails 
  • Random images
  • Comment system
  • Multiple upload
    Zenphoto - Demo - Download
    Zenphoto  is  a standalone CMS  ( Content Management System) for multimedia focused websites.Zenphoto supports different themes and extensions.In Zenphoto we can assign users with different permissions.The image galleries can be protected with a password.It supports different languages and multimedia files including videos.

    • Supports jpg, gif, png, mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, fla, flv, mov, 3gp extensions
    • User groups
    • RSS
    • Drang n Drop page sorting
    • Wordpress like script

    Plogger  - Demo - Download

    Plogger is an open source photo gallery system written in PHP.It is perfectly SEO optimized script.We can create image galleries from zipped file.

    • Create image gallery directly from zip file
    • Custom 404 pages
    • Perfectly SEO optimized
    • Support extensions and plugins
    • Descriptions for images
    Shutter - Demo  - Download

    Shutter help store and share your photos in an unlimited number of albums with ease of control.Shutter is tiny and simple.You can set album covers easily.

    • Multiple upload and progress bar
    • Tiny
    • RSS
    • Drag n Drop albums
    • Slideshow
    • Comment system
    PHPAlbum  - Demo - Download

    phpAlbum is an Open Source software which allows you to create photo and album galleries.php album is a tiny script used to generate image galleries easily.


    • Password protected galleries
    • Comment system
    • Upload Zip files
    • No need of data base

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