The Best URL Shortening Websites

What is a URL shortener
  Uniform resource locator simply called URL.URL shortening is a technique or application which is used to shorten lengthy URL's to a shorten one.Actually the url shortening websites are redirecting to the required page.For example is a long url it can be shorten to . The URL shortener's are very helpful to post links in twitter facebook and other social networks.
Goo.Gl is a url shortening service by google.The can be used to shorten your lengthy urls and you can use the shorten url in twitter and will provide the stats of each links.Which are redirected via human verification is required to shorten urls.Sign up required for real time analytics.( No sign up required to shorten the urls sign up required only if you want to see the stats ) is also a url shortener used to shorten the lengthy urls.It can be used to increase your traffic.It have a sharing functionality.A optional sign up is required to access the history .No complicated captcha verification required to shorten urls.
Tinyurl is a popular url shortener which have a custom alias feature.It don't contains complicated CAPTCHA codes for shortening urls.You can also use tinyurl for hiding affiliate urls.Tinyurl have a preview feature too.Tinyurl don't need sign up to convert lengthy urls to a shorten one.
Features No sign up required for shortening urls History


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