Wikipedia Like Content Management System Scripts In PHP

Wikipedia is the largest free encyclopedia available in internet. If you are interested to run a similar website check out these PHP scripts.

MediaWiki  - Demo - Download

MediaWiki is a  open source wikipedia like script written in PHP with MYSQL .It is same as wikipedia with same functions and look.It is completely free for use and modify. Mediawiki is capable to manage large number  of users and contents.

File sie - 66 MB
Requirements - PHP & Mysql

DokuWiki - Demo - Download

DokuWiki is a free and open source wikipedia like script that doesn't need a database.It don't have complicated installation steps it is also easy to maintain .Dokuwiki supports more than 50 languages.You can install more plugins and extensions in Docuwiki for better performance.

File size - 10 MB

Pmwiki - Demo - Download

Pmwiki is a tiny php script,Pmwiki run like normal websites but the only diffrerence is it have a Edit link which help us to modify existing content.The page editing can be allowed for registered members,admins only or public.

File size - 2Mb

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