Deep Freeze Alternative Software For Windows Operating Systems

Deep Freeze is a system restore app used in windows computers to restore a computer back to its original configuration each time the computer restarts.We can protect our whole computer or a particular local drive using deep freeze software.Deep freeze can protect our system from malwares and other viruses.
Best Deep Freeze Alternative Softwares

ToolWiz Time Freeze

* Protects your computer from unwanted changes
* Keep the existing state
* Provide virtual system
* No need to reboot to enter into virtual system

RollBack Rx

* Trial version is available
* Restore to previous state when system is crashed
* Wipe out all software installation even trial version softwares
* We can safely test any softwares
* Password protection
* Can be remotely managed

Drive Vaccine

* Free trial version
* RollBack Rx alternative
* System restore on log off and restart
* Restore on a weekly/daily schedule
* OS and Anti virus updation is allowed
* Password protection

Clean Slate

* Free to try
* Roll back to original state
* Wipe out all installed softwares
* No need of restart to disable the software


  1. Hey,

    I'm using deep freeze on computer from several years. Its working fine for me. I dont think, it will be good idea to search alternative for deep freeze, if you are using it correctly. I'm happy with it. By the way thanks for providing the alternatives.

    Jack Smith

  2. Nice piece of blog!. @ Jack- I had recently start to use Deep Freeze, it does a satisfactory job on restoring the system. However, I do find it a bit hassle during the thawing process with Deep Freeze. Is there an alternate or efficient way of performing updates on the Deep Freeze. Much appreciated.

  3. Deep Freeze is a great software. But Drive Vaccine is Deep Freeze on steroids! If you're using Deep Freeze you really ought to check out Drive Vaccine. Why settle for just "satisfactory"? After having used both I just wanted to share an observation:

    When you try to make updates with Faronics Deep Freeze you have to go into "thawed" mode. This requires a restart...but worse since you're now in the unprotected state, any changes you make to the system are permanent. Deep Freeze won't be able to help you if you update your baseline in this naked state. Drive Vaccine allows you to make updates from within Windows without having to restart, make changes, and restart again. Better still, if you don't like the updates you can still go back to an earlier baseline.

  4. Hey Christopher, I need to check for that. But I didn't feel it difficult to handle. As you said you have just started to using Deep Freeze, so you may need to get used to. It is very simple to manage once you started using it regularly and its really a robust solution. I have recommended it several times. Our school is using the enterprise version of it.

  5. Hopefully this blog is still active. It does have quite a bit of useful articles. I found this being quite useful to me. Lately I was looking for a free alternative for some test machines for instantly restoring them after my tests are complete or if I managed to break them. I found Reboot Restore Rx to be quite great in the realm of free alternatives. Check it out here >

    We all love our freebies!!!

  6. Thanks to this great article I have decided to start using Drive vaccine on my internet cafe. great software and a Great and cheaper alternative to deep freeze for sure.

  7. You should look at Reboot Restore Rx - Its Free!

  8. I second Reboot Restore Rx. It's free and it works as described.

  9. When talking about alternative software for windows or any other platforms. I live to mention the visio alternative I use for my diagramming. Its creately and it is platform independent and free to try


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